Presenting the new milanesa watch strap model: MeshEP

MESHEP, our most elegant milanesa model

One of the most solid market trends in the past two or three years are milanesa or mesh straps. This are straps made of mesh steel thread. But do you know where these straps come from? Their origin dates back to the pocket watch chains of the 19th century, and this adaptation was idealised in the city of Milan, hence the name. The creation of the milanesa (also known as mesh) lead to the entry of metal straps in the clock making industry. Then came the extendable straps and the bonds bracelets. We can see Milanesa straps in the first Rolex Oyster in the 20s.

Appart from those who never stopped using it as an identity element, such as Skagen, a myriad of brands started presenting their collections with this strap: from low-cost watches, such as Marea, to big brands, such as Omega, Breitling, IWC, or Zenith, and more popular brands, such as Lotus, Festina, Viceroy, Mondaine, Calvin Klein, or Hamilton. And, obviously, the two trendy brands of the past two years: Daniel Wellington and Bering. Albeit the brand that ended up consolidating this sort of aesthetics to the great public was not a watchmaking brand itself, but rather the Apple Watch.

At Diloy, we have invested for years in the retro aesthetics, both in vintage leather watch straps and in metal, with our range of mesh or milanesa watch bands. Now we reinforce this collection with this new model, the most elegant of them all, the MESH EP with spike meshing. Mesh EP is available in sizes between 18 and 24mm, in steel colour and high-quality IPG plating.