Vintage watch straps

The watch is certainly the world’s best-selling jewel for men. Appart from being useful to control the time, over time it became a whole differentiating item. For this reason, the moment of buying a watch requires that you stop for a while thinking of which style goes better with your personality. For that, it is necessary to know the different types of watch cases and straps available in the market.

Retro is trendy

Not only in the jewellery world. In every sphere of fashion or decoration, one can see a big volume of retro items that go perfectly well with the most modern and contemporary looks.

In the watch industry world, the same is happening; one of the current best-selling styles is that of the models that resemble the watches from some years ago. In a world of mass production where industrial productions completely crush the handmade product’s personality, the retro watch models are a touch of difference to your style, ripping the moulds of production chain fashion.

How to match your vintage watch

One of the advantages of this kind of jewels is that it matches with any kind of outfit. Because of its simple and discreet design, you will be able to wear your retro watch both in informal situations and in working dinners or special ceremonies. This handmade delicate jewel will give you a touch of elegance and style in any situation, making your look more original and with character.

The production chain of fashion brought many advantages, such as the decrease of costs and hence of prices, but also many drawbacks. Since production is industrialised, originality and exclusivity were lost along the way. Every product is the same. Maybe because of that clients started looking for retro items, which have details that make them unique.

How to distinguish the commercial from the genuine

The vintage style is so much at its peak that many firms started mass producing imitations. For this reason, to make sure you are purchasing a genuine retro model, you should pay attention to several details.

The genuine retro model is the one that was produced with the original production techniques. This means it was not imitated with the help of new technologies. This includes handmade parts, as the strap’s stitching can be. It is easy to know when a product was handmade and when it was made in a machine; the handcrafted products usually have small differences among them. The artisan’s hand doesn’t stitch always at the exact same distance or treats the leather the exact same way. This allows each piece to have unique characteristics, being impossible to find two straps that are exactly the same. This is precisely what makes each one of our watches special.

You should also pay attention to the materials. Many manufacturers make their products in imitation leather to make them cheaper. However, if what you are looking for is a special and elegant jewel, you should make sure the watch strap you are buying is made out of leather.

As in the handcrafted products, leather doesn’t always have the same texture and colour in all parts. This fact that could be seen as a flaw at first sight for those who are used to industrial goods, is exactly what ensures you of the authenticity of the leather item.

These are the details that make each one of our jewels unique. This originality is what will give you a sophisticated and elegant look in any situation.

A watch is much more than an accessory to see the time. If this wasn’t the case, with the emergence of mobile phones, they would have disappeared. However, far from that scenario, their sales keep continuously increasing. This is so because the watch is a jewel, and that’s how you have to see it when buying one.

Before choosing the model you should stop and think about which case goes the best with you or which strap do you like the best. There are models for every style but, if you want to get it right, with a retro model you will be your most elegant self in every aspect of your life, without looking ostentatious. A vintage watch model will boost your look, regardless of it being more or less formal. With a retro model, you will always get it right.

Buying your strap for a Vintage watch

Take a look at our wide range of vintage watch straps.

Retro is trendy: Vintage watch straps
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Retro is trendy: Vintage watch straps
How to match your vintage watch. How to distinguish the commercial from the genuine. Buying your strap for a Vintage watch
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