Water-resistant watch strap. The best option for Summer 2018

Watch strap especial for vegans and, besides that, water-resistant

We did it again! This time we present you a special strap for the Summer, 100% water-resistant. And, additionally, especial for those who asked for a strap for vegans.

Watch strap special for vegans and water-resistant

If it is special for vegans, what is it made of?

Our vegan strap model is made out of microfibre, a technical material that we experimented for some time and has, among others, these characteristics:

  • Soft touch. You will see it is a simple and convenient strap from the first day.
  • This fabric is very hard to crease or deform. This is perfect for the strap to keep its original shape despite months of wear.
  • It is a water-repellent fabric, but not waterproof. Almost not at all :). In other words, it doesn’t like water, but it is resistant to transpiration It dries quickly. It does not mean the strap will not get wet, it means it will dry as fast as possible without deteriorating.
  • Related to the previous point, it is a breathable fabric: it eliminates sweat, being ideal to wear with sports watches.
  • It is a very light material. Well, it’s not like we were going to feel a big difference comparing to leather in something the size of a watch strap, but one can feel the material is much lighter than leather.
  • Highly resistant to changes in pH, and consequently, to sweat.
  • It has antibacterial properties, which avoids the bad odour that one can usually find in leather straps in Summer. Obviously, if you refrain from showering, miracles should not be expected either.
  • It is a hypoallergenic material. It is always important to highlight that a hypoallergenic material is the one that reduces the risks of suffering an allergic reaction, which doesn’t mean it makes it impossible to happen. It shouldn’t be the normal case scenario, though.
  • It has anti-pilling properties, which prevent pilling and detached threads.

But, what is exactly microfibre?

For those who like to get a bit more technical, I’ll tell you that microfibre is a high-tech development comprised of two ultra-thin fibres: polyester (80%) and polyamide (20%). The thread that is obtained is 100 times thinner than the human hair. With just half the thickness of silk.

Appart from Diloy straps, what is microfibre used for?

These are a few of the uses of the so-called fabric of the 21st century:

  • Working clothes, for its high resistance.
  • Functional clothes. For instance, sports equipment or rainwear.
  • Silk-like fabrics for clothes and sheets production, among others. As a matter of fact, the most delicate and comfortable.
  • Every kind of use to substitute leather: gloves, coats, furniture, etc. (This is where we step in.)
  • High-performance cleaning fabrics that use less cleaning products.

What microfibre is not? With what should we not confuse it?

Microfibre is neither a PU nor a PVC. It is easy to tell these materials apart with the touch. Being a fabric, microfibre doesn’t have the cold feeling of plastic. For this reason, it doesn’t break easily, as plastic does, and it breathes.

Do not be fooled with a plastic strap.


Model 415 is the first watch strap model for vegans that we launch in the market, with which we aim at covering the demand of our clients who were asking more and more for this kind of strap.

Although we have included this model, in our store, in the watch leather straps category, we want to make it very clear that it is 100% leather-free. Its categorisation follows our hope that the general public accesses this model and, in the current market, it would be difficult to classify it without creating any confusions.


At the moment, this strap is available in the following colours: black, three shades of brown, navy blue, red, and white. We produce it in sizes between 18 and 26mm, with vintage style.

For now, it is only available with steel buckle. Soon, we will have some with golden buckles, coppery (rose gold), and black finish. All of them galvanised by physical vapour deposition, also known as PVD.

While the stock with different buckles doesn’t arrive, remember we have buckles of every colour for sale.