Undoubtedly the hammer is one of the tools that can not be missing from the table of any workshop, whether jeweler, goldsmith, craftsman or amateur, is a fundamental tool.
The first hammers that are known to date from the Stone Age (year 8000 a.C), were no more than a stone attached to a wooden handle using leather strips. Since then the hammer has been evolving not only in the material used, but also in its design, way of manufacturing and how to use it. It went from stone to copper when the Egyptians discovered that metal, from copper to bronze and from bronze to materials as complex as carbon fiber.
Its basic design is still maintained from the Stone Age, a head to hit and a handle to hold, but only the basic design is maintained, currently we find many different models designed according to the use to which it is intended.
Here you can find a wide catalog of hammers that will cover all your needs for the realization of any work of jewelery or goldsmiths.
Basic is, without doubt, the leather mallet, with which you can hit applying a great force but at the same time you will get a great softness making it ideal for molding pieces of soft metals since their surface will not be marked. A more modern version of this could be the mallets with nylon heads that, when screwed in, allow their replacement as they wear out.
Indispensable also known as hammer ball, made of hardened steel ball-shaped at one end and flat on the other, with heads of different sizes and weights depending on the accuracy required.
Very useful in the field of goldsmithing is the chisel hammer that has a flat head, on one side, and a triangular shape on the other that allows to shape the metal.

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