Leather watch straps or Leather watch bands

If you want to buy watchbands, we give you our leather watch straps collection. All our models are manufactured with hypoallergenic materials, respectful of your health and the environment All our watchbands are compliant with the RoHS certification requirements, being the first Spanish leather watch straps industry to comply with this certification. The majority of our watchbands use stainless steel buckles, although some of our classic models use a hypoallergenic aluminum buckle. In any case, all are compliant with the AENOR UNE-EN 1811:2011/AC:2012 rule about products destined to be in direct and prolonged contact with skin.

In order to be able to choose models easily we have separated our collection of leather watchbands in different categories. Surely more than one will adapt to your needs. In our Basic collection you can find our more economic models, but always manufactured in legitimate bovine skin leather. The Essential category covers those essential models that never go out of fashion. The Superior and Elite categories offer watch straps manufactured with the best leather, and are more complex constructions, with linings that are not within the reach of all makers, and buckles of careful design. Vintage, as its name indicates, gathers all our “retro” watch band models. They are ideal for Panerai-type watches, for example. If you are looking for something more, we offer the De Luxe category, with exotic leather coming from farmed animals, and therefore complying thoroughly with all the CITES regulations when they are acquired. We have lizard, crocodile, alligator, iguana, snake, sting ray bands, as well as some other species.

We are especially proud of our Premium category, with the most luxurious finishes and an affordable price. Finally, for the most daring customers, we have a Fashion collection where you will find different materials and designs. Whatever your needs for watch straps, you will surely find what you are looking for here.

If you are looking for a watch band at the best price, then head onto our Outlet section where you will find discount bands, as they are the last ones in said model.

Answering your requests, we have added a buckle section. There, you can find a variety of models, sizes and finishing touches: from a steel color, both bright and tinged, to plated and coated (black), all the way to the trendy rose gold.

The vastness of our watch straps collection has allowed to export our products from Spain to more than 60 countries. From competitive and price-sensitive markets like Mexico, to more demanding markets like Germany and Sweden, all the way through exotic places like the Solomon Islands.

Leather watch straps

What kind of band does my watch need?

Well, the first thing you need to know is your watch’s measurement. Knowing this, you’ll figure out what size of band it needs. In Diloy we have many watchbands in stock from 8mm to 40mm. In every product description you will see the available sizes for each model. Occasionally we produce custom-made leather watch straps for other sizes, but it would be strange if we didn’t have the appropriate size, as long as your watch has a normal terminal. In the following pictures we will show you in a very graphic way how to measure your watch.


How find out your watch strap size                 How find out your watch strap size with a Diloy ruler

How to choose your band size?

If my size is uneven? Well, that’s usually not a problem. Honestly, measuring a watch case is not as easy as it seems, and, unless it’s a steel case, reality is those cases never have exact measurements. Besides, some Japanese manufacturers have uneven sizes like 15, 17 and 19mm mainly. You can use without much trouble a band from the immediate superior size. Therefore, an 18mm leather strap usually fits well in the majority of watches with a measurement of 17mm. It will take longer to assemble, but cutting it won’t be necessary. Besides, think that with usage, the skin tends to shrink slightly, especially in tailor-made models.


The next thing you must take into account is the width of your wrist. In every band product description, you have the information of the length of each model. Please take into account that to the length of the band you will have to add the diameter of the watch’s case. We use the standard European length so 80% of users will not have any trouble wearing their watches. But if you have a big wrist, we have a collection so you can wear your watch: our extra-large leather bands. In the following picture you can see in a more visual way how to measure the total length. 

Watch straps length

Another detail to take into account is the watch case. If your case has a straight terminal, like the one appearing in the previous images, then you have no problem. Any band of the appropriate size will do to your watch.


But if your watch has a special adjustment case, things can get slightly more complicated.

In the compatible leather straps section, you have bands designed especially to serve as a spare part for certain models and brands. For example, we have spare bands compatible with Swatch, Time Force or others

Replacement straps for Swatch

Finally, your watch may have a special socket band like the one shown in the picture below. In this case you will need lots of luck and patience, because sadly many brands, including those selling high cost watches, haven’t worried about having spare bands. We have heard many high watchmaking brand managers tell their local distributors things like “tell the client to buy another watch”. It seems that they forget the sentimental value that usually comes with our old watches. But don’t worry. There’s hope. In Diloy we have the solution just for you and can make you a custom-made leather watch straps. We will soon have a section in which we will offer the service. 

Special lug leather watch straps

Custom-made watch band manufactured by Diloy for a determined case

The remaining decisions are a matter of taste. Let’s analyze some details to take into account:

Smooth skin or engraved leather watchband?

This issue references the surface treatment the leather on the top part of the band has received. In other words, the treatment given to the skin so the bovine leather looks like leather from another animal. For example, we offer models with square crocodile engraving, round crocodile, bison, lizard, shark, ostrich, etc.

And the band style?

In the product description you will be able to see if the band is flat or padded, as well as the width. Generally, if it is a sports watch, you will need an padded band. If it’s a elegance watch, you should opt for a flat model. There are exceptions, like the Vintage collection or the 398 leather watch strap, that despite being flat, tailor-made models, they have enough width to assemble perfectly with chronographs or casual watches.

What about the stiching?

Perhaps one of the factor that affects the final aesthetic of your watch the most.

In former days, the band stiching had a more functional role: the glue used for leather wasn’t trustworthy and the strap was sewn to help keep the pieces together, should the glue fail. Currently the gluing industry’s technology for leather goods has evolved drastically, and the glue we use is 100% trustworthy, and therefore the watch straps stiching now serves a more aesthetic purpose. Therefore, if you have a elegance watch you can opt for a stiching-less model like our 301 band without any concern. In fact, it is one of our best-sellers in markets with extreme weather like the United Arab Emirates. You can also opt for the same version with stiching like the watchband model 304.

Perhaps the last factor to take into account are the width and color of the stiching. In our opinion, sports watches go well with thick stichings. If the watch sphere has colored details, you can combine the color of the stiching to these details. For example, some brands assemble a red seconds hand with a few details surrounding the sphere in red. Try one of our red-stiching leather watch straps and no one will be indifferent upon glancing at your wrist.

Since we are discussing stichings in watch straps, allow us to mention a common characteristic of our production: all our bands loops are sewn and the majority are also turned-down. In this case, the stichings are functional and provide an extra level of sturdiness to the band. Oh, you don’t know what we mean with belt loop? In other countries they are known as fasteners, although for us a fastener is the metallic piece that holds the band to the watch, what you would call a bolt in other places. Luckily, we have a very rich language: bands, armband, belts, mats and a watch extensible, or an extensible for watches… We don’t even know the amount of names that are used around the world. In any case, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Watch straps loops


At this point we don’t really dare to say anything. We will only limit to use the phrase “different strokes for different folks”. In Diloy you have some bands available in 19 different colors. You must like at least one of them, right?

How to change your watch strap?

Here you can find a Youtube video that will show your how to change your watch straps


In every product description you can see the buckle picture, as well as the material and color. If you don’t like the buckle, or want it in a different color, you can visit our section Buckles for watch straps, where you can see some available models. 

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