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Una tienda seria y rápida, muy recomendable.
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Watch Straps. Since 1989, we have been dedicated to manufacturing and selling watch bands, watch movements, batteries and jewellery tools

More than just watch straps

Watch Straps. Since 1989, we have been dedicated to manufacturing and selling watch bands, watch movements, batteries and jewellery tools

Leather, silicone, metal, nylon and PU watch straps. Watch parts, watch batteries, jewellery tools and watchmaker's tools

What do we do?

Since 1989 we’ve had an obsession: To manufacture watch straps with the best price-quality ratio. To do this, we know it is crucial to adapt to market changes, incorporating as soon as possible the new manufacturing technology.

Our competitors have devoted their time in the last few years to try and discredit us, shouting from the rooftops that we are a Chinese business. Nothing could be more untrue. We are a business born in Spain with 100% Spanish capital. As the old saying goes, “There's one thing worse than people talking about you, and that's people not talking about you”.

Our watch bands are present in over 50 markets. We export regularly to markets as competitive as the United States, Russia, or the United Arab Emirates; to markets as price-sensitive as Latin America, and to some of the most quality-demanding markets like Germany. Our export tasks are assisted by a network of offices of our own: Italy, Poland, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Panama, Hong Kong, China, and Spain, of course. It is so untrue that we are a Chinese company, that we are an authorized exporter in the European Union and our watch bands travel across the globe as an European product, benefitting, where applicable, from the trade agreements signed by the European Union. Although the fact is that in the last few years China has been quick to sign these type of agreements in the European Union and some other markets, our products must pay a higher tariff precisely for being European, but usually the market knows how to recognize and reward our quality. 

Our Collection

Currently, we boast having the amplest collection of watch bands in Europe. Not only in modeling, with over 600 models, but also amplitude in watch straps measurement, from 8mm to 40mm, and color variety with some models available in up to 19 different colors.

In our leather watch straps collection, we work mainly with bovine leather in different engravings (crocodile, bison, lizard, etc.), although in a small proportion we also work with exotic leather.

We also offer a collection of watch bands manufactured in high-quality silicone. One need only see the assembly of our watch bands to realize that its quality is much better than those manufactured in Asia. It is a silicone with a soft touch and an ideal strength to make it really comfortable to wear.

We have over 100 watch strap models made out of PU resin as spares for Casio watches, which we use to cover the needs of the brand’s most sold watches. If you are looking for Casio bands, you came to the right place. It’s a line of business very close to our hearts as we were the first business in Europe to manufacture this type of material through injection. We use the same material as Casio, so quality is guaranteed.

We have metal bands, or, as referred to in other markets, watch chain or extendible, from 12mm to 30mm. Manufactured in 304L and 316L steel. We offer you the best price without having to turn to cheap materials with a high nickel content and that, therefore, produce allergy and are forbidden to come in contact with skin.

Furthermore, we have included in our collection trending materials such as techno-carbon (imitation of carbon fiber), jean fabric (Denim), camouflage, metallic leather, nylon (Nato-style bands), and a long list of other materials that will surely satisfy the most demanding fashion customers.

Additionally we also have a collection of replacement straps for Swatch 

It will be almost impossible for you not to find here the strap your watch needs.

Do you need more options? See our spare buckles.

Do you need a display for your shop? Don't you know where stock your watch straps? Take a look at our watchbands displays section. There you will find everything your business needs. Useful folders, elegant displays, wall displays, etc. Do you know the best? They can be free of charge if you doing a straps order. 

Latest developments?

Our collection is in constant evolution. Some bands cannot be added to the website as much as we would like it, since for few years now, some of our models are developed in an exclusive agreement with certain brands, so we have to wait to be able to present them to the general market. What type of brands are we talking about? Well, just to give you a specific example, we are proud to know that some Smart Watch models developed by LG were introduced in the United States wearing leather watch straps manufactured by Diloy.


All our watch bands comply with all the regulations in the European Union relative to our specific product, such as the UNE-EN 1811:2011/AC:2012. But in Diloy, because of our international presence, we go above and beyond, and we are the first Spanish brand to comply with the strict RoHS regulation in all materials used to manufacture our products. In fact, at the writing of this report, we are the only watch band manufacturer in Spain that has passed the RoHS certifications in all straps ranges or categories. We hold certifications for our leather watch bands, as well as silicone, PU and metal bands. We have certified the leather used in the upper part of our straps, the inner materials used in the stuffing, as well as the linings and buckles.

Why does RoHS refer to electric and electronic devices? While it is true that the 2002/95/CE regulation refers to the restriction of dangerous substances in electric and electronic devices, it is not untrue that the majority of customs offices around the world catalogue watches as exactly that: electric and electronic devices. Purists will throw up their hands in horror asking themselves, “what can be electric in a mechanical watch?”. We ask that ourselves, but until things change, our clients in the watch industry ask of our watch straps to be compliant with this regulation so that their watches can comply as well. 

Other products

We want to be useful to the watchmaking market. This is why we have complemented our collection with products every professional watchmaker needs in their establishment: Watch batteries (Sony) and spare movements. We currently work with Miyota, Hatori, Ronda and ETA.

Coming soon: Diloy will launch its own collection of watchmaker and jeweler tools. Maximum quality, made in Europe. We will launch under the Diloy brand a wide collection of milling cutters, polishers, files, pliers, saws, polishing pastes and a large variety of tools manufactured by the best European suppliers. High quality at the best price.


We opened this website dedicated to selling watch straps, watch movements, watch batteries and jewelry and watchmaking tools to facilitate the buying process of our clients. We know that for professionals, the registry process can be a bit cumbersome as it has to be authorized by the page’s administrator, but we do it to protect the watchmaker. If you want to buy a watch band with the best price-quality ratio, then we beg you to be patient and wait until we validate your account. Here we explain the watchmaker’s registration process in full detail.

Currently we are working towards developing new distribution channels integrating lifelong watchmaking with watch straps online sales. Sadly, we can’t reveal the functions we are trying to develop, but our ads will explain it VERY SOON.

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