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In any process of repairing a watch, one of the fundamental factors is how to hold the case. The simplest and, by the way, the most economical way, is to hold it with one hand, surely it will not scratch with anything. The problem comes when we need both hands to hold a piece. So an action that seems the simplest ends up becoming one of the most important and fundamental actions when performing any type of repair on a watch, hold it and hold it well. As you all know there are countless types of boxes, each of them with a different shape, dimension and material, it would be unfeasible in any watch shop to have specific supports for each brand and model, that does not mean that some specific brands, high range, have your own tools. To avoid having so many supports, there are the “universal” case holders that consist of a tightening mechanism by means of a screw, the upper part has holes in which some pins are inserted that will be the ones that finally hold the watch case. Being able to change the location of the pins allows adjusting to different box geometries

Once we have solved how to hold the box safely and without damaging it, we move on to how to open it. Once again, it is essential to choose the right quality tool that allows us to perform this action without, for example, scratching the bottom because the key or the knife slips out. Here something similar to what happened with the case holders happens, each watch has its bottom and its way of opening, although in this case the way to do it is usually something more standardized, under pressure, thread, etc ... This allows us, except exceptions of brands like Rolex, with a pair of different keys to be able to open almost all the boxes with a pair of different keys, we will only have to adjust the correct pins to each bottom, in the case of screw caps. Those who go under pressure with a quality knife will suffice.

Now that we have the watch subject and open, the real work that can go from a battery replacement begins, for which we have in our catalog a large number of different clamps, to a deeper repair of a traditional mechanism.

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