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So you can know the size of watch straps you need::

¿Cual es la medida de tu correa?

Leather watch straps made of italian calf leather.

Stainless steel antiallergic buckles.

Padded model with stitching.

These watch straps are recommended use for sport watches.


So you can know the size of watch straps you need:

¿Cual es la medida de tu correa?

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  • 14mm
  • 16mm
  • 18mm
  • 20mm
  • 22mm
  • 24mm
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Italian calf leather watch bands.


To manufacture these watch bands, we use calf leather with a smooth finish. To manufacture this kind of leather, tanneries have to do an exhaustive selection of leathers removing those that have stains or scars as in this kind of finish they cannot be hidden. 

For the lining of this model, we have chosen a calf leather with a natural tanned. There is nothing nicer and softer to touch.


In Diloy, we use only stainless steel buckles to fulfil all european regulations. We try to choose the design we feel is the most suitable for every model taking into account whether it is sporty, vintage, classical, etc. If you need a different kind of buckle for your watch, you can take a look to our buckles section.

Style and details

These are padded leather watch bands with a little padding inside to make it thicker (check the thickness in the techncila details above). It is thought for both, classical and sporty watches but just if the watchcase is not extremely thick.

We manufacture it with the technique of remborded. In this technique, the edges of the leather are reduced until a maximum thickness of 0,8mm, they are glued and folded over the inside part and the lining of the strap. For this process, we use special machinery and moulds that we have adapted ourselves in order to get a high-quality result.

We use two loops or remborded fasteners made with the same leather than the strap, one is fixed and the other one is mobile. The mobile loop is strengthened with a stitching in the back part. It is normal that the loops seem to have a different colour than the strap. This is because of the leather performance when it is subjected to different tensions. If you bend the strap, you will see that leather become lighter and the colour is closer to the colour of the loop. The colour of the strap will become darkers as days go by.


In the production process, Diloy add some extra reinforcements in the most sensitive parts of the leather watch straps. Diloy introduces a thin nylon fiber of high resistance in both parts, the buckle edge and the edges that will hold the watch bands to the watch. This fiber perfectly fits in inside the leather and it avoids the strap break in those parts where the leather has to be reduced to be folded and make the hole where the srping bar will be placed. 

We also add a nylon fiber inside the loops (also called fasterners) in order to avoid that they break because of too much tension. 

These are small details that make Diloy watch straps to be the best straps in the world.


We do not recommend wet the watch bands and, even less immerse with it. We strongly recommend to avoid salty water or chlorine from swimming pools.

Straps are designed to wear a watch in your wrist, avoid bending it in the opposite direction to normal use or bending it more than the natural curvature of the wrist.  

Many dyes from leather industry are fat-soluble, so we do not recommend to use lotions in the surface of the straps. Lotions can enter the leather and affect the dye. This happens specially with all colours that have red pigments and even more in those leathers with matt finish than shiny varnished.

Still not convinced by this model? Do not worry, we have many. Take a look to our collection of leather watch bands

It is available with the stitching in different colours in contrast with the colour of the leather to combine them with the details of the watchcase

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Product Details

Data sheet

Top Material
Cuero liso brilo intermedio1
Calf Leather
Stainless Steel
Buckle color
Stainless Steel
Padded parallel
Gent Length (from 16mm)
Ladies Length (till 14mm)
MEASUREMENTS AND COMPATIBILITY: Available in measurements of 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 22mm and 24mm. You can use this strap on all watches with straight ends.
STRAP MATERIAL: This leather strap has been made of smooth cowhide using the semi-remborder technique. A technique that reduces the edges to a maximum thickness of 0.8mm. It has a naturally tanned cowhide lining.
USE - Comfortable from the first day. Does not cause allergies. Being made of cowhide, it is not recommended to get this strap wet. Some creams or perfumes can cause color alterations. Constant rubbing can deteriorate the surface
IS IT FOR YOUR WATCH? - Bracelet especially suitable for sports watches. DO NOT BUY this bracelet if you have a classic watch with a thin case.

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rating 10
Buenos acabados, piel de calidad y agradable al tacto.
Muy contento con la correa
rating 10
Llevo usando esta correa unas 2 semanas y es muy cómoda.Todo genial, totalmente recomendable.
Mi compra en Diloy
rating 10
La calidad es fantástica, el servicio de atención y envío, sobresaliente y además Made in Spain. Volveré a comprar sin lugar a dudas.
Referencia P354
rating 10
Todavía no recibí el producto.
Correas de Reloj de Piel Vacuno Lisa. Ref. P354 -
rating 9
Buena relación cañidad/precio. He utilizado diferentes correas de distintas marcas y salvo excepciones al triple de precio no superan a esta en calidad. Ya veremos como se comporta con el uso y si se despega o descose en menos de un año como otras que he usado.
rating 10
Todo, como lo esperado.
Correa piel
rating 10
Buena, bonita y barata, se puede pedir más?
Muy satisfactorio
rating 9
Totalmente recomendable por caludad, rapidez y no decepciona para nada
rating 10
Las correas son estupendas, y el pedido ha llegado a los pocos días . Seguiré contando con Vds. Muchas gracias .
Gracias Diloy
rating 10
Compre varias correas, una de ellas este modelo en color crema para un Bostok K39 quedándole formidable. Siempre es de agradecer que una firma española preste un servicio de tan alta calidad como he podido constatar.
Buen producto y servicio
rating 10
Correa de gran calidad. El azul es más oscuro que en la foto, pero queda incluso más elegante. Envío rápido y sin problemas.
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